Book Read

Just went through all this, skimmed it to get an understanding of what’s in there for future reference. Check me out.

Anatomy of Costume, by Robert Selbie, Published 1977 by Mills and Boon Limited. 🙂

Costume Manifesto

Jenni Sneddon

Reminder for me of something I could put in my sketchbook…

Form [from the Threshold Exhibition]

Form by Edibah
Form, a photo by Edibah on Flickr.

Haz-Li Model Box

Haz-Li Model Box by Edibah
Haz-Li Model Box, a photo by Edibah on Flickr.

3d Model Box

3d Model Box by Edibah
3d Model Box, a photo by Edibah on Flickr.

Images of my 3D CAD model box!

Spring Term Brief

I intend to develop three specific Scenography skills; Analysing texts, Costume drawing, Pattern cutting whilst expanding my theatrical knowledge and Visual Communication ability.

New one.


Had a bath, chatted with my man, read a bit, and now I feel much calmer and better about the grade thing… fuck it, oh well. Better to have learnt and passed than learnt nothing and get high grades, right?

Wanna do a collection of some description, even if most of them are merely drawings.

Looked up famous murderers as perhaps a source of inspiration? And then I looked at philosophers; I quite like both these ideas. Hmmm… see where it goes, eh?

Assessment :(

Got assessments back from last project…

I put 200% into that model box project, sacrificed spending time [and I mean, DAYS and weeks at a time] with friends and family, and my boyfriend… I did everything I was meant to do to a more-than-adequate standard, I took the courage to learn brand new skills and teach myself a LOT of new things, tackling things that I have had no experience in before, as opposed to do the same shite again and again… and I got a mere ‘Pass’ [and on Daves project too] whereas everyone else seems to have got merits and disctinctions. Go figure.

Spent half of today crying. I don’t want to talk to anybody really. Not now.

I’m just confused… I got SUCH good comments for it, Trevor said I’m at the higher end of the class, that I surpassed his expectations, that I did something new and did a good job to near-professional standard and so should be proud… but the grades just didn’t reflect anything he said. At all. Just one contradiction after another. I just don’t understand it.

I’ve been told by them that I should stop focusing on grades, that I ought to be happy and proud of what I’ve done, considering they’re brand new topics and ideas for me.

Most would argue learning something new is the whole point of doing an education and that learning something new and using skills you didnt previously have would be the best thing you could do, surely doing something you already know how to do isn’t the way forward.

Anyway, I’m kinda upset still at the moment 😦 I didn’t expect fucking… medals or anything for my model-box project, but not a ‘P10’ grade.

Surprised by Dave’s project result… that was a ‘P9’, wasn’t expecting that at all; I lost confidence in that project a LONG time ago, and didn’t ‘feel’ it, in the slightest. Every idea I had before that was knocked down. Truth be told, I hated it. I hate that 6ft bitch. So a ‘P9’ was… ok.

Need to forget about it 😦